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Spring 2014: Outfit 45

Trini casual outfitTrini Casual shirt suit trousersTrini Dodgers shirt Saltwater sandalsDodgers Tee Louis Vuitton Bag

One of the things I brought home with me from Los Angeles, my Dodgers t-shirt! I love it so so much! I wore it today quite casually with one of my black suit trousers that I can’t live without. At least here it’s a little bit hot for trousers but these are more lightweight (thats’s why I own a few, different thickness for different weather) so it’s more approppiate for this temperature.

Please excuse the lighting of these pictures, I tried to fix them, but this is as far as I could go.

I’m wearing: Ray-Ban sunglasses, Los Angeles Dodgers t-shirt, The Kooples suit trousers, Salt Water sandals and Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag.

I have good news! For all of you asking where to get my Salt Water sandals you can get them HERE.

Spring 2014: Outfit 44

Trini striped dress white supergaTrini Wood Wood striped dressSuperga White Sneakers Trini Blog

Already, we are having summer weather here in Madrid (even though it’s raining right now).  It has been so hot lately I was forced to slip in my summer clothes, today i’m wearing one of my favorite summer dresses. Stripes of course! Classic, and so easy to wear. I love the shape of this dress (which wasn’t originally this length, another of my alterations) this type of round neck sleeveless garments are so perfect, the fit almost everyone and make arms look nicer. The wideness of this dress makes it so comfortable and free to move in, and of course it allows your skin to breathe something we all thank for during hot months. In general I see so many advantages on this dress that of course I would suggest it, to anyone.

Unfortunately it is from last summer so it’s no longer available, but I have a few similar suggestions for you.

-THIS DRESS by Fred Perry is lovely, short sleeved but with a similar shape.

-THIS DRESS is virtually a copy of mine, instead of navy stripes it has black stripes. No offense, but of course I would never buy this dress, it completely goes against my main principle when shopping, less quantity and more quality. But if you don’t care about quality and want something disposable, go ahead.

-THIS DRESS by Marc by Marc Jacobs is gorgeous and has a beautiful shape, again similar to mine somewhat more rigid and structured, with lovely light blue stripes.

Now to what i’m wearing. Click on the name of the brand to purchase the item.

Ray-Ban sunglasses, Wood Wood dress, Superga sneakers and Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag.

I wore it so much last summer and during Christmas holidays in South America and certainly will keep wearing it this summer. Same goes for my white Superga sneakers that might need to be replaced very soon.

Spring 2014: Outfit 43

Trini Topshop jeans Birkenstock arizona sandalsTrini striped JCrew shirtChanel classic flap Trini blogToday i’m wearing my Birkenstocks again, I seriously cant stop wearing them, i’m officially addicted! I never thought I would love them so so much, but I do. I love how they can “break” a somewhat feminine outfit and make it a little less obvious (I don’t know if I make any sense by saying this) it’s sort of the same effect running sneakers worn with skirts tend to have.

I have been wearing them with absolutely everything lately so you will definitely see them non stop in all my summer outfits.

I’m wearing: Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses SHOP THEM HERE, J Crew striped shirt SHOP IT HERE, Topshop jeans, Birkenstock Arizona sandals GET THEM HERE and Chanel bag.

Spring/Summer 2014 Sandals Wishlist

Summer is almost here! What better way to start it than with a fresh new pair of sandals?

I have made my wishlist, hopefully I can snatch a pair of these beauties soon.Trini blog sandals summer 2014

Left to right, starting from the bottom:

1.- Rag & Bone Folsom sandals SHOP THEM HERE

2.- Acne Studios Lottie sandals SHOP THEM HERE

3.- A.P.C flat sandals SHOP THEM HERE

4.- Isabel Marant  Tamara clogs SHOP THEM HERE

5.- 3.1 Phillip Lim Bee mid-heel sandals SHOP THEM HERE

6.- Maison Martin Margiela 22 Lucite heel sandals SHOP THEM HERE

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