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Trini | Balenciaga white top Acne Studios pop jeansTrini | Balenciaga white top Acne Studios pop jeansTrini | Balenciaga white top Acne Studios pop jeansTrini | Balenciaga white top Acne Studios pop jeansTrini | Balenciaga white top Acne Studios pop jeans

In L.A! As you know it’s not as hot here as in Madrid, so wearing jeans is a great option. For our first day that consisted of mostly driving and occasional shopping I wore a casual outfit made of all basics: jeans, sneakers and a white top.


En L.A! Como sabéis aquí el clima es mucho menos agobiante que en Madrid, así que unos vaqueros son una gran opción. Para un día de mucho conducir y poco de compras el conjunto que escogí es bastante informal: vaqueros, zapatillas y un top blanco muy fresco.


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Trini | Club Monaco shirt Isabel Marant Etoile skirtTrini | Daniel Wellington watch Anya Hindmarch bagTrini | Club Monaco shirt The row sunglassesTrini | Club Monaco shirt Isabel Marant skirtTrini | Club Monaco shirt The Row sunglassesTrini | Club Monaco shirt Anya Hindmarch bag

Downtown L.A has to be my favorite place for picture taking in this city. It has the NYC vibe in some places but still ends up being very L.A in others. I like that clash, that mix of aesthetics.

I am wearing once again my Club Monaco shirt, and while you may be wondering what on earth happened that I am repeating something in the upper half that is not an accessory (not that there are any rules, but I have mine), I certainly never repeat a top that often, the whole issue is I thought I was staying less than I actually needed too, so I had to improvise, and god I am good at that! I never have issues with finding a trillion different ways of wearing the same garment, but that of course is because all of my clothes are basics, core pieces meant for a never ending re-invention. So of course I don’t believe it is a real virtue, the trait here is just buying smart, the rest is all wearing something with whatever thing you haven’t worn it  before and there you go.


El centro de L.A es mi lugar favorito para hacer fotos de toda la ciudad, tiene un aire a ciertas partes de NYC pero al final caes en la cuenta de que estas en California y eso me encanta, el contraste estético.

Otra vez llevo mi camisa de Club Monaco, y antes de que me preguntéis porque repito algo en la parte superior que no sea un accesorio (no es que hayan reglas, pero yo tengo las mias personales), os contaré. La verdad es que no me gusta repetir tops, camisas, camisetas etc, muy seguido, no se bien porqué sin embargo me da igual si es un abrigo, calzado o incluso parte inferior. Creo que es porque es lo que mas resalta de un conjunto y prefiero ir alternando. No es como que solo tenga una camisa azul o una blanca, la verdad tengo varias versiones de lo mismo así que repetirlas es tontería, pero ha pasado que al final he tenido que quedarme aquí mas tiempo del que pensaba, y he tenido que improvisar. Por suerte es algo que se me da bastante bien, o no es que se me de bien, realmente lo que se me da bien es comprar de forma inteligente, entonces luego solo tengo que combinar cosas que no haya combinado antes y ya esta!


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Trini | Acne Studios Los Angeles StoreTrini | Acne Studios Los Angeles StoreTrini | Acne Studios Los Angeles StoreTrini | Acne Studios Los Angeles StoreTrini | Acne Studios Los Angeles Store


One of my must visit stores in L.A has to be Acne Studios. Unlike all the other stores in it’s category it is located downtown, which is very unusual, as all labels in its line have their stores in Melrose or Beverly Hills. This to me is a wonderful, fabulous move, because in first place it will bring more stores to this area (which lacks, luxury and contemporary shopping spaces) and because it says a lot about the labels identity, they are smart enough to stand out and make things differently.

I don’t need to explain my love for this brand, I am a faithful customer, and will continue to be, they have the best jeans, the best modern classics with a touch of unexpected every season, and are probably one of the most referenced brands, for high street labels, such as COS and the like.

The store is gorgeous, big but not huge, of course you can’t compare to the ones in Stockholm those are just breathless, but it does offer a wonderful minimal space with a big portion of the collection. The staff is super friendly, and even though I did not find my size in what I wanted, I would still rather do my shopping for Acne here as opposed to a department store.

If you are ever in L.A come take a look, you won’t be disappointed!


Acne Studios L.A Store – Eastern Columbia Building – 855 S Broadway Los Angeles 90014




Trini | Club Monaco shirt The Kooples trousersTrini | Celine cabas bag Daniel Wellington watchTrini | Club Monaco shirt The Kooples trousersTrini | Club Monaco shirt The Kooples trousersTrini | Club Monaco shirt The Kooples trousers

Another classic spring outfit. I know…I know…those sneakers again! But you know what, for a day spent DTLA you can understand why I choose comfort. Even though in L.A you do a lot of driving you also do a lot, and I mean a lot of walking, sometimes without being aware of it.

A few nights ago we went for dinner downtown, then to this party and we thought, well lets just walk from a place to another, it is not really that much a ten minute walk. I was in heels, and what seemed like ten minutes became more like twenty five, and I ended up with blisters in my feet for trying to be more healthy and athletic and just walk. After this I just really have gone for sneakers so many days in a row. Plus my talons still hurt. I really don’t like giving up walking so I have to give up heels for a while.


Otro conjunto clásico de primavera, y otra vez repito zapatillas. Pero sabeis que? Para un día en DTLA se entiende que escogiera estar cómoda sobre cualquier cosa. Aunque en L.A se conduce mucho, también se camina bastante, muchas veces sin darnos cuenta.

Hace un par de noches salimos por el centro primero a una cena y luego a una fiesta. Decidimos caminar de un sitio a otro ya que solo eran unos diez minutos andando. Llevaba tacones y esos diez minutos se convirtieron en casi media hora y para entonces tenia los talones rotos. Después de este incidente creo que prefiero ir en zapatillas cuando se que voy a caminar y como prefiero caminar a cualquier otro método de transporte entendéis porque no uso mucho tacón.


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