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Today it’s time for the handbags number one brand in the world, if you say bag first brand that comes to mind for most is LV. Why? I think it’s history to start with, most bags are eighty years old, it’s iconic monogram design, and it’s variety, in my opinion it has the largest selection of bags for all budgets.


Hoy es el turno de Louis Vuitton, la marca líder en el mundo en marroquinería. Creo que si pensamos en la palabra bolso, la primera firma que se nos viene a la mente es Louis Vuitton. Porque? Yo creo que por su historia (la mayoría de sus bolsos tienen cerca de ochenta años), su icónico diseño monogram y por supuesto su variedad, tiene bolsos para todos los presupuestos.Trini Blog | Louis Vuitton classic bags

Louis Vuitton classic bags, there are a few more but this are my favorites.


Los bolsos clásicos de Louis Vuitton, hay unos cuantos más pero estos son mis favoritos.Trini Blog | Louis Vuitton newer bags


Bags introduced in the last couple of years, possible classics here? Maybe, I love how they are all so practical and easy to used compared to some brands that tend to go more on the trendier side and forget that bags are meant to carry things.


Estos son algunos de los nuevos modelos de LV, lanzados en el último par de años. Futuros clásicos? Yo creo que un par al menos sí, personalmente me encantan, son muy sobrios y prácticos al contrario de lo que hacen muchas firmas que lanzan artículos muy de tendencia pero nada fáciles de usar.




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3 months break

So i’ve been away for long. During the past few months I have been busy traveling and working (follow my instagram account for pictures about my trips) and I needed to take a break from blogging as I was not really able to concentrate on it. I had an idea of a new focus I wanted to give this blog and during this time away I finally have materialized what I am going to do. Honestly I get bored of coming across the same type of blogs over and over again showing exactly the same and I do not want to become one of them.

I really want my blog to be much more personal. As my style has evolved over time, and has matured with age, so has my view of fashion and how I feel about it in general. I really want to share all of this and be honest about my opinions so I will definitly blog about so much more than just my outfits,in fact I have no time for outfit pictures so i’ll have to include Iphone photos taken randomly.

I believe my style has become over the years more and more simple. In times when fashion is all about colors, prints, mixing everything together and adding more and more accessories to outfits I do not see myself  in any of those things. I find what really catches my attention are simple garments, neutral colors, just plain classic elegance. I will mainly focus my blog on all this things, and in the main idea that a woman does not need to take a risk with fashion when she knows what looks good on her. Period.