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1. Toteme shirt (get it HERE)

2. Khaite denim shirt (get it HERE)

3. Toteme denim shirt (get it HERE)

4. Prada black denim shirt (get it HERE)

5. Jil Sander beige shirt (get it HERE)

6. Toteme silk shirt (get it HERE)

7. Toteme plaid shirt (get it HERE)

8. The Row brown shirt (get it HERE)


Trini | puffer jackets1. Acne Studios puffer jacket (get it HERE)

2. Joseph flannel puffer jacket (get it HERE)

3. Stand Studio Sully jacket (get it HERE)

4. Prada cashmere puffer jacket (get it HERE)

5. Nanushka Hide puffer jacket (get it HERE)

6. Balenciaga puffer jacket (get it HERE)

7. Max Mara Avola puffer (get it HERE)

8. Bottega Veneta puffer jacket

9. The Frankie Shop puffer (get it HERE)

Trini | puffer coats1. Cordova long puffer jacket (get it HERE)

2. Stand Studio long puffer (get it HERE)

3. Toteme puffer (get it HERE)

4. Max Mara Seico puffer jacket (get it HERE)

5. Maison Margiela puffer coat (get it HERE)

6. Prada long puffer (get it HERE)


Gift Guide for Him

Trini | Gift Guide for Him


1. Diptyque candle (get it HERE)

2. Assouline book (get it HERE)

3. Timex watch (get it HERE)

4. Montblanc pen (get it HERE)

5. Phantom wireless speaker (get it HERE)

6. Tom Ford sneakers (get them HERE)

7. Tom Ford cardholder (get it HERE)

8. Brunello Cucinelli sunglasses (get them HERE)

9. Tom Ford backpack (get it HERE)

10. Native Union phone case (get it HERE)

11. Celine skateboard (get it HERE)


Trini | Toteme t-shirt


1. Jimmy Choo Chaade boots (get them HERE)

2. Khaite Arizona boots (get them HERE)

3. Jimmy Choo Rose ankle boots (get them HERE)

4. Jimmy Choo Leroy ankle boots (get them HERE)

5. Toteme suede ankle boots (get them HERE)

6. Manolo Blahnik ankle boots (get them HERE)

7. The Row Boris ankle boots (get them HERE)

8. The Row Patch ankle boots (get them HERE)



1. Toteme riding boots (get them HERE)

2. Gabriela Hearts Miles boots (get them HERE)

3. Khaite boots (get them HERE)

4. Hermes riding boots (get them HERE)

5. Aquazurra boots (get them HERE)

6. Khaite Davis boots (get them HERE)

7. The Row Patch boots (get them HERE)

8. Manolo Blahnik Pamfilo boots (get them HERE)

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