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Jil Sander F/W 2014

Milan Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 Jil Sander Milan Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 Jil Sander Milan Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 Jil Sander

This is my favorite collection from Milan Fashion Week: Jil Sander. I think MFW in my opinion has the least intriguing designers, it’s always overdone and too much. Jil Sander is always the opposite clean and simple, which is refreshing in so many ways. No eye hurting colors, no flash and glitter, just neutral colors focusing on materials and cuts. The only but for me would be the creepers, I have a serious problem with that awful kind of shoe, but oddly enough it seems to work here, so I wont go further into that.

To shop Jil Sander’s current collection you can do so here:


-Matches Fashion

-Net a Porter 

Margaret Howell F/W 2014

London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014: Margaret Howell London Fashion Week 2014: Margaret Howell London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014: Margaret HowellLondonFashionWeekFallWinter2014: Margaret Howell

My favorite show from London Fashion Week, and most likely favorite of them all: Margaret Howell. I am so in love with every collection of hers, since forever. She is one of the few, very few designers who keeps it down to earth and is always sober, not as part of a minimalist trend (that everyone seems to try these days) but because that is what she does, over and over again. I am specially drawn to the 1920-1940 sailor accents she always adds to her creations.

The Row F/W 2014

therow1 The Row Fall Winter 2014 The Row Fall Winter 2014

My favorite show from NYFW: The Row.

What is not to love from this collection? Classic, sober, nothing pretentious. I would wear every single piece of this collection no questions asked! What I love the most about it is the socks+brogues combo, that contrasts so well with the flowy, feminine dresses/skirts and adds up a nice masculine touch to the perfect cut suits.

To shop The Row current collection:

-clothing and accesories at Farfetch

-clothing and accesories at NAP

-clothing and accesories at Matches Fashion

-sunglasses at Shopbop


Margaret Howell Fall/Winter 2013

Margaret Howell Fall Winter 2013Margaret Howell Fall Winter 2013Margaret Howell Fall Winter 2013Margaret Howell Fall Winter 2013Every season I always share Margaret Howell’s current collection. She is one of my top ten designers because I feel so identified with the way she shows women in a perfect mix of tomboy and  a young girl, always with a reminiscence of  past eras, mostly 1940’s. I would own so much more of her clothing if I had more access to it. I find it hard to find MHL items online and the items that are available online usually seem hard to purchase without trying them on, so I end up not getting them.

Now if you live in London you are lucky enough to shop directly at one of the stores, but for the rest of us shopping online is the best bet.

If you are interested in purchasing some of her creations I will leave you a few links:

For those of you located in the US you can shop MHL by Margaret Howell HERE

To shop Margaret Howell men’s collection you can do it HERE

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