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Something New: from MaxMara…can you guess?

Maxmara new something Trini blog


I was not expecting to find something for me in Dubrovnik, to be honest fashion wise, it has not much to offer, except for two stores (I will get into this in a few posts), one being MaxMara, and even though in general it’s a brand with great clothes I have never been specially drawn to it. Since there were not much stores to look at, I went in, and to my surprise found a few things that I loved, some were from fall winter collection and other on sale from spring summer. At the end I purchased this one thing I really loved and had been searching for…and I will leave you to guess, what do you think I got?


A Classic Pair of Sandals

K Jacques Saint Tropez picon sandals Trini blog

One of the classics above classics: K Jacques Saint Tropez “Picon” sandals. These have been on my wishlist since forever and finally got the chance to try them on last fall. I am always a little confused on my sizing when it comes to full size brands (being a half size) so this one was a must try before purchase case, but luckily it was easy to find the right number and I must say I am as happy as can be with these girls! Fully recommend. Next summer I might invest on another model like the Barigoule or the Flavia. Also a big fan of the Laura and Ganges models.

You can get these same exact sandals (HERE).


Something New: Saint Laurent 3 Clous Bracelet

Saint Laurent leather silver bracelet  Trini blog

Some people think I don’t accessorize. Actually I do, well i’ve wanted to for the longest time. The thing is I have been investing in other areas of my wardrobe not really giving accessories the relevance I should.

Also I hadn’t found items I really wanted to invest on, until recently. Honestly I had my eyes set on Hermes, they make the most gorgeous bracelets but on a unexpected trip to Saint Laurent I kind of fell in love with their jewelry line too. Last month while in Stockholm shopping the Midsummer sales with my friend I ran into this item at 50% off, something that shouldn’t been happening since this is really a permanent collection bracelet. Now those things happen with retailers, and it’s better for us customers to encounter bargains not supposed to happen, so I kind of had to have it right away.

What I love most about this bracelet is it has a sort of resemblance to the Hermes “Medor” watch (smallest size) and that is my dream accessory (no longer in production). I like the subtle little touch of “tough” in an outfit, specially when given by an accessory, so soft you can barely notice, to me that reaches true perfection.

Bracelet by Saint Laurent, and you can get this bracelet HERE.

Something New: Isabel Marant Poppy Heels

Isabel Marant Box Trini blogIsabel Marant Poppy Trini blog

A pair of heels a season. Since I don’t wear much heels that’s all I really need, and all I really buy. This lovely pair by Isabel Marant has been on my wishlist since they first came out back in Fall 2010. They were only released for a season and then they disappeared until this re-release for Spring 2014. So of course when I saw them this season I knew I had to have them. I never expected them to go on sale, I was actually quite ready to take the plunge at full price (thing I never do for high heels) but somehow I saw them not selling online so I decided to wait. To my surprise they went on sale on almost every online retailer I know, which was pretty much fantastic, and there was still stock left in my size (first size to always sell out), which is even more of a surprise, so of course I am thrilled!

This type of phenomenon that has been happening a lot lately, the re-release of best-selling pieces that have now become classics to have them stay as permanent items pretty much sums up what my vision of fashion is: classic fashion. A piece that will remain timeless (all the opposite to trendy) is always a good investment.

If you like me love this gorgeous heels you can still get them HERE and HERE


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