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New Sneakers via

Adidas Gazelle SneakersAdidas Gazelle Sneakers

My new sneakers by Adidas via, introducing: Gazelle.

As a fan of classics this particular model has been on my wishlist for a long time. It was first introduced by the brand in the 1960′s (my favorite era) more specifically 1968 as a training/soccer shoe. It has become so popular over the years it is now considered one of Adidas classic models and can be found in many variations in different materials, finishes and colors.

Now this exact same model can be found in or in any Zalando website but there is limited stock so run if you want yours! You can purchase yours HERE.

As an expert online shopper let me tell you Zalando is an international website where you can find clothing and accessories for both women and men and of course for kids. What I love about this website is the huge variety of brands/items they have in stock. No matter what your budget is you’ll always find something. They have a great selection of Premium brands worth checking out, some of my personal favorites can be found here: Filippa K, Hope, or Orla Kiley. And last but not least: no matter the total amount of your purchase you’ll always have FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURNS. I invite you to take a look at their website and have an awesome shopping experience!


Saint Laurent Paris Patti ankle boots

Saint Laurent Paris BootsSaint Laurent Paris BootsSaint Laurent Paris Boots
New In: this gorgeous pair of Saint Laurent Paris Patti booties. This particular model is inspired in Patti Smith, and I am a huge fan of hers and her style.

I debated a lot if I should get them or not, there are several similar pairs out there for a cheaper price, but all of them had a detail I did’t like. Ugly clasps, too low or to high in the ankle area, etc. So instead of settling for the almost perfect I just went for the ones I really loved. To me this are the perfect pair of lace ankle boots and I know I will wear them a lot for years to come. The fabulousness of a classic style.
This pair of booties again like everything I seem to want these days are very hard to come by specially if you have a medium size. So…if you are interested in getting them I am leaving you with a few options just in case your size is sold out.
Matches Fashion (only small sizes)
Saks (only the smallest size)
Barney’s (this is a slightly different model but has all medium sizes available)


Valentino Tango Pumps

Valentino Tango PumpsMy newest shoes: Valentino tango pumps.

Those of you who follow me on Pinterest might know the love i’ve had for these shoes ever since they came out a year ago. I fell in love with this perfect pair of shoes at first sight. To me they are the most beautiful shoes ever made, let me tell you why: the heel is perfect in heigh and in it’s square shape, they are made of my favorite material for shoes ( patent ), and the detail that makes them so special: the ankle wrist.  They were impossible to track down, not even in the Valentino boutiques, so I had to wait a whole year to finally get them, finally here they are!

Now I can only say good things about them, though I have only worn them once, they are so comfortable and of course the versatility of this type of shoes has no name, wear them forever with whatever. Now I am thinking of adding the higher heeled version to my very small high heel’s collection, I have yet to decide on the color.

My Favorites for Summer (Part 2)

More of my favorite garments for summer. I know summer is ending and we are all thinking fall, but I am going on holidays in couple of days so I am still in summer mode.

1. APC cardigan I got a few weeks ago on sale, it is more of a fall piece actually, depending on where you live, but since we tend to have a pretty warm fall it is perfect for that time of the year.

2. Acne sleeveless denim shirt. What more can I say, basic and classic for summer, denim is denim speaks for itself!

3. Summer hat I got a few years ago on an unknown store and it has no brand, it is just a hat but I really love it.

4. 3.1 Phillip Lim bikini I got a couple of months ago, probably my best investment this summer. It was a really long search for the perfect swimwear this season, it seemed there were only very high waisted bikinis or the very low bikinis. Something in between was hard to find, but this piece is just that!

5. My good old American Apparel skirt been with me for so many years!

6. Saltwater Sandals my favorite sandals, been wearing them all summer and I am definitely getting them in more colors.

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