Chelsea Boots

This is my old and favorite pair of booties, my chelsea boots from Marais USA. I got them 4 years ago when it was soooo hard to find this type of boots around. Now, luckily we can find them pretty much everywhere, though picking the perfect pair at least for me has become so hard. After 4 years of wearing them non stop every winter I am ready to replace them. As you can see from the pictures they have serious damages, and after taking them to the cobbler and having them fixed they have reached the end and I can’t continue to wear them in this condition.

So after searching online and in stores I have narrowed my search to the following replacements:

1. COS      2.Church’s     3.Opening Ceremony     4.Gucci

I ‘m leaning towards two out of these four so i’ll go and try them again and hopefully next week i’ll show you which ones I picked!

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