In the spirit of holidays and festive dressing I put together a few outfit ideas of what to wear for each occasion. Let’s begin!

This is what I would ideally wear for Christmas Eve.

Trini | Christmas Eve outfit


Khaite dress (get it HERE) | Sophie Bille Brahe earrings (get them HERE) | Bottega Veneta sunglasses (get them HERE) | Alessandra Rich coat (get it HERE) | Byredo Gypsy Water (get it HERE) | Manolo Blahnik shoes (get them HERE) | Bottega Veneta pouch (get it HERE)

For Christmas day I feel something a little less formal is needed. This would be my choice.Trini | Christmas Day outfit


Joseph sweater (get it HERE) | Joseph skirt (get it HERE) | Loewe sunglasses (get them HERE) | Bottega Veneta bag (get it HERE) | Cartier watch (get it HERE) | Manolo Blahnik boots (get them HERE) | Bottega Veneta earrings (get them HERE) | Diptyque perfume (get it HERE)

For New Year’s Eve I always feel it calls for the most festive, fancy of them all. Of course this does not mean sparkle and outrageous outfits, for me it’s all about keeping it simple while adding a more formal touch. This is what I would wear for NYE.Trini | New Years Eve

Dries Van Noten dress (get it HERE) | Stand Studio coat (get it HERE)  | Bottega Veneta earrings (get them HERE) | Cartier watch (get it HERE)  | Frederic Malle perfume (get it HERE)  | Bottega Veneta sunglasses (get them HERE)  | Manolo Blahnik shoes (get them HERE)  |

For January 1st that is more of a chillin’ at home kind of day (they all are now though)Trini | New Years


Khaite trousers (get them HERE) | Dolce & Gabanna turtleneck (get it HERE) | Stand Studio faux fur jacket (get it HERE) | Prada Cleo bag (get it HERE) | Bottega Veneta earrings (get them HERE) | Cartier watch (get it HERE) | Jo Malone scent (get them HERE) | Khaite shoes (get them HERE) | Bottega Veneta sunglasses (get them HERE) |

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