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Every single season you can see that I share with you my favorite collections. Sometimes I share with you X designer and sometimes Y, but the ones that always repeat itself no matter what are two: Margaret Howell and The Row. I feel the most identified with this two. Today I am talking about the last one.

Resort and Pre-Fall are always my favorite collections I don’t have a reason exactly but I believe since they are in between weather, designers use them as a bridge between their two most important collections SS (spring summer) and FW (fall winter). Since I am the biggest fan of in between weather it might somewhat be predictable that I gravitate towards this collections. In this one in particular the color palette (as usual) is on point, and the garments are dreamy. Classic, versatile and flowy (they look comfortable too)! I wish I could afford the whole collection or at least half because I would have it in my closet as of yesterday.

Your thoughts?


Cada temporada me gusta compartir con vosotros algunas de mi colecciones favoritas. Hay veces que os enseño X diseñador y otras veces Y, sin embargo hay dos que siempre repito: Margaret Howell y The Row. Me identifico totalmente con la estética de estas firmas. Hoy os hablaré de la segunda.

Resort y Pre-Fall son mis dos colecciones favoritas, no sé exactamente por que, pero creo que es por que son de entretiempo, se usan como puente entre las colecciones invierno y verano, y yo como soy tan de entretiempo me siento atraída a estas. Esta en particular tiene una paleta de colores que me encanta y las prendas son clásicas, versátiles y con movimiento, parecen muy cómodas también! Ya me gustaría poder pillarme la colección completa, de ser así estaría en mi armario desde ayer!


To shop the Row go HERE, HERE and HERE




  1. choosewellbuyfew
    June 16, 2015 at 9:49 AM (6 years ago)

    I always love the row! I have a few items that I picked up during sale and they are just perfect.
    Have you checked out the japanese fashion magazine union? It is amazing

  2. Rebecca
    June 19, 2015 at 7:52 AM (6 years ago)

    WOW!! So beautiful girl!!

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