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Inspiration: Nico

Nico the velvet underground TRINI BLOGNico andy warhol trini blogNico Andy Warhol Inspiration Trini BlogNico Christa Paffgen style Trini blogNico Andy Warhol Trini blogNico The Velvet underground

For today some inspiration from one of Andy Warhol’s muses: Christa Päffgen better known as Nico. I’m more of an Edie fan, short hair, stripes, heavy eyeliner but Nico has that something too. I specially love how well she rocked her long hair and sunglasses signature look, natural and effortless.


Hoy la inspiración viene de la mano de una de las musas de Andy Warhol: Christa Päffgen mejor conocida como Nico. La verdad es que soy mas fan de Edie, pelo corto, camiseta a rayas, delineador marcado pero Nico también tiene algo. Lo que mas me gusta de ella es look clásico de pelo largo y gafas, natural y descuidado.


Inspiration: The Row Pre-Fall 2014

The Row Pre Fall 2014The Row Pre Fall 2014The Row Pre Fall 2014The Row Pre Fall 2014

I know, I know! We’re not even in summer and we already have to think about fall? At least with the weather here it is unbearable to think about this kind of clothing yet, but with my upcoming trip this week to a somewhat cooler place, where spring/summer is not what I’m used to, inspiration is needed! Browsing through designer collections is one of my favorite sources of inspiration, so when one of my favorites came up, I decided to share it with you.

If it were up to me, i’d wear The Row head to toe frequently. All the collections, every single one of them is so breathtaking. The cuts, the colors, accessories, everything is so wearable, and seems so comfortable and so real it is hands down one of the best (in my opinion) every year.

About this particular collection I love the choice of the models, nice, fresh idea to only use mid-age, older models, clothes look just as special and beautiful as in a younger one. I also love the use of the camel color in this collection, the longer skirts, and the footwear, the flat mules I would so love to wear them, a great alternative to loafers and flats.

With this in mind, I know feel more inspired to go back to thicker garments for a few days.

Inspiration: Brigitte Bardot

A dose of inspiration today! One of the biggest of all times: Brigitte Bardot.

Trini Blog Brigitte BardotTrini Blog Brigitte BardotTrini Blog Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot needs no introduction, her beauty alone does all the talking. Her style, probably due to her natural sexiness looks quite playful, but if you look closely it’s really simple, it’s her attitude/personality that makes it sassy.

Inspiration: Jean Seberg

Jean SebergJean SebergJean SebergJean SebergJean SebergInspiration for today: Jean Seberg in the late 50’s early 60’s. I am deeply inspired by all her outfits and pixie hairstyle in Bonjour Tristesse/A bout de Souffle movies so if you have the chance you HAVE to watch them. To me there is nothing better than watching a movie that is not just entretaining but also inspires you aesthetically and these movies certainly will.


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