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Fall 2014: Outfit 2

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Im’ wearing my Rosarte sweatshirt by Rodarte for the first time in an outfit post. I got this one together with my Rohearte sweatshirt and my J’aime Rodarte t-shirt all of course by the same brand. A few months ago I mentioned how amazing the quality is and how much I love them so I am not going to repeat that all over again, all I will add today is if you want a good sweatshirt (my addiction for the past three years), buy RODARTE, worth every penny.

Now what I will talk about today is my running sneakers. Yesterday I got a warning through my Nike running app that I had already run five hundred something kilometers with the same sneakers and that it was time to change them. Really? Before my current ones I ran almost the same amount of kilometers with a brand-less pair my sister in law gave me because she did not use them. Honestly they would have lasted probably double that amount in perfect condition. I know it’s just a strategy to make consumers buy more, but I found it so obvious and annoying. Besides that, the fact is I realized I had never ever asked myself which pair I was going to get next (after my sneakers die) so for this I need your help. Running ladies, which sneakers do you recommend? I have no idea which sneakers I should have under my radar, just in case I need to replace these.


Primera vez en el blog que llevo mi sudadera Rosarte de Rodarte. La compré el año pasado junto con mi sudadera Rohearte y mi camiseta J’aime Rodarte todas de Rodarte obviamente. Hace unos meses mencioné en un post lo encantada que estoy con mis prendas de la marca, como su calidad es excelente y lo mucho que os recomiendo sus productos. No me voy a repetir otra vez, solo añadiré que si estáis en la busca de una buena sudadera (una de mis adicciones estos últimos tres años) esta es la mejor opción.

De lo que sí hablaré hoy es de mis zapatillas. Son mis zapatillas de correr/día. Mas que nada las uso para correr pero a veces me dar por usarlas con otro fin. Ayer recibí una notificación de la running app de Nike que ya era momento de cambiar mis zapatillas pasados casi seis cientos kilómetros corriendo con ellas. La verdad es que molesto muchísimo. Esta claro que es una artimaña bastante obvia para vender mas zapatillas y la verdad las mias están estupendas, de hecho antes de correr con estas corría con unas que me dejó mi cuñada que y que no eran de ninguna marca especializada en correr. Pues bien con esas zapatillas corrí mas menos la misma cantidad de kilómetros que en este caso y aun tenían mucha vida por delante. Claramente de momento no voy a cambiarlas, pero me ha surgido la duda que jamás me he planteado remplazarlas y de hacerlo por qué modelo/marca lo haría. Así que bien a las que sois corredoras como yo os pregunto, que zapatillas debería considerar?

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Fall 2014: Outfit 1

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The first days of fall are never really cold, so the weather has been perfect to wear absolutely anything. I love this type of weather because it allows all the combinations possible: sandals with trench, sneakers with mini skirts, sleeveless shirt with boots, anything you want will look good.

I love all those crazy garment combinations that make no sense, it bores me to death wearing always the same, in summer I never wear pants because they bother me terribly. In winter I hardly wear skirts, because I like wearing them without tights, so i’m in trousers 90% of the time. In fall and spring though, it’s so much more spontaneous, alternating all types of garments is the most fun, and it fills me with inspiration.


Los primeros días de otoño nunca son fríos con lo cual el tiempo últimamente esta siendo ideal para llevar cualquier conjunto. Me encanta este tiempo porque te permite llevar las combinaciones más sin sentido posibles: sandalias con trenca, zapatillas con faldas, camisas sin manga y medias, cualquier combinación queda bien.

Me encantan todas esas combinaciones sin sentido, me desespera siempre lo mismo, en verano no puedo llevar pantalón porque me muero del calor, y en invierno casi no suelo llevar faldas o vestidos, porque prefiero ir sin medias, así que es 90% pantalón. Sin embargo en otoño y primavera ir variando con todas las prendas a mi parecer es lo mas divertido, acabo por sentirme mas inspirada y creo que quizás es cuando me visto mejor.

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Inspiration: Isabel Marant Pre Fall 2014

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I’m starting to hate summer this week, the heat is UNBEARABLE with capital letters, yes because it is! I really hate it when it gets to this point where you can’t live without air conditioner but can’t live with it because you end up sick. I miss spring or even fall so so much, really how simple is it to just wear jeans sneakers and a shirt?

Today some inspiration: Isabel Marant’s pre fall collection. This is how I want to dress every day, in between season’s simple, comfortable clothes. I love all the outfits here, have already taken some ideas from these pictures, you can say I love them 99% the only 1% are those Stan Smith exact replica sneakers. Really is that necessary to copy something exactly,exactly the same? Sure they are having their success but some variation could be nice. I am not a big fan of Stan Smith’s really, I feel there are so many more alternatives, of very similar designs of a much more elegant all white sneaker. Take for example Common Projects sneakers, or Saint Laurent. Yes they are more expensive, but less trendy, in fact not trendy at all. I know some of you are big fans of Stan Smith sneakers and I hope you won’t kill me for what I just wrote, but this is the way I see it.

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Inspiration: The Row Pre-Fall 2014

The Row Pre Fall 2014The Row Pre Fall 2014The Row Pre Fall 2014The Row Pre Fall 2014

I know, I know! We’re not even in summer and we already have to think about fall? At least with the weather here it is unbearable to think about this kind of clothing yet, but with my upcoming trip this week to a somewhat cooler place, where spring/summer is not what I’m used to, inspiration is needed! Browsing through designer collections is one of my favorite sources of inspiration, so when one of my favorites came up, I decided to share it with you.

If it were up to me, i’d wear The Row head to toe frequently. All the collections, every single one of them is so breathtaking. The cuts, the colors, accessories, everything is so wearable, and seems so comfortable and so real it is hands down one of the best (in my opinion) every year.

About this particular collection I love the choice of the models, nice, fresh idea to only use mid-age, older models, clothes look just as special and beautiful as in a younger one. I also love the use of the camel color in this collection, the longer skirts, and the footwear, the flat mules I would so love to wear them, a great alternative to loafers and flats.

With this in mind, I know feel more inspired to go back to thicker garments for a few days.

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