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Second Copenhagen outfit! I’m am seriously in love with this city and it’s amazing summer climate. I was having such a hard time dealing with the heat and what to wear in Madrid and here it is just a pleasure getting dressed, so easy, anything goes for this weather! So of course I am doing long sleeves, more pants and sneakers and so far I’ve nailed it everyday.

For a lovely shopping day with my friend Omar I wore this casual outfit, I am in love with this pair of culottes been wearing them quite a bit so far, and they never disappoint. Last time I wore them with heels, but today I am in a more casual everyday attire. Paired with my usual striped top and white sneakers, not very elaborate, but a great match none the less.


Segundo conjunto de Copenhagen! Estoy como loca enamorada de esta ciudad y su clima de verano. Estuve sufriendo este último mes y medio en Madrid pero aquí es una gozada, es tan fácil vestirse cada día! Todo vale, mangas largas, pantalones y zapato cerrado, así que sin dudarlo estoy incluyendo mas de estas prendas en mi día a día.

Para una estupenda tarde de compras con mi amigo Omar mi conjunto fué de lo mas casual, mis culottes navy que se han vuelto una de mis prendas favoritas conjuntado con mi clásica camiseta de rayas y mis zapatillas blancas Jack Purcell. Nada muy elaborado la verdad, pero no por eso menos efectivo y adecuado para la ocasión.


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Trini blog | Lala Berlin Spring Summer 2016Trini blog | Lala Berlin Spring Summer 2016Trini blog | Lala Berlin Spring Summer 2016Trini blog | Lala Berlin Spring Summer 2016


As I told you months ago, this year a big project of mine was to experience the emerging fashion weeks around the world. I started with LAFW and now it was the turn for CPHFW. To be honest it was an amazing experience because not only was this my first time in Copenhagen but also the first time attending this fashion week, and as a great admirer of Scandinavian fashion, specially Danish fashion, this meant a great deal to me, so I was extra excited.

I was lucky enough to attend a lot of shows, and in between my favorites was Lala Berlin. Even though we could not take great pictures, we did take some to share with you.

I loved the concept in this collection, it had a lot of black and white and navy, but also a lot of prints, good, nice, wearable prints, that are not loud or too out there, so the collection really had something for everyone. My favorite piece is the black one in the first picture, I would wear it on the spot, eyes closed (but I would as well wear many others shown here). I love that its not very trendy, it has a more classic feel, right up my alley so what can I say it is a success collection for me.


Como os contaba hace unos meses mi proyecto de este año era visitar algunas de las semanas de la moda mas emergentes, primero asistí a LAFW y ahora era el turno de CPHFW. Fue una experiencia estupenda no solo porque esta es mi primera vez en Copenhagen pero también porque es mi primera vez en una semana de la moda que me motive tanto. Soy una gran seguidora de la moda escandinava sobre todo danesa así que esta semana de la moda presentaba una experiencia muy apetecible para mi.

Tuve suerte de asistir a bastantes shows, de entre mis favoritos se encuentra el de Lala Berlin. Aunque no hicimos muchas fotos buenas, si podemos enseñaros algunas de las que hicimos de mis looks favoritos.

Me encantó el concepto de esta colección, el uso de colores en su mayoría blancos y negros y navy en prendas lisas, pero también estampados en colores




Trini |Organic by John Patrick slip on dressTrini |Organic by John Patrick slip on dressTrini |Organic by John Patrick slip on dressTrini |Organic by John Patrick slip on dress

I am in Copenhagen, came for fashion week and stayed because of the beauty of the city (and the fact of course that my BFF lives here), so you will be seeing a lot me here this next few days (or weeks).

I have not been able to post yet, because I have been so busy sightseeing, meeting new people and enjoying every second of the day, that when I come back home I am drained and can’t even open my laptop. This week though I am making the effort because I do want to share with you all the amazing things this city has to offer, and of course what I have been wearing.

This is what I wore for fashion week day one. This is the same dress I wore to the wedding a few months ago (for those of you following me on Instagram you may recognize it) but here I am wearing it in a more casual day to day ensemble. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures form the wedding that I like so there is no way of showing you how that outfit was, but I will wear this one again for an event probably in a fancier way, so you will be able to see the way it looks in a different setting.


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one garment four ways


Today I am sharing with you my tips on how to wear your running sneakers as an everyday footwear. It doesn’t really make a difference if you actually run or not, the fact is running sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoe options you will ever find, and certainly one of the most fun type of sneakers around. You can find them in all kinds of crazy color combinations, from classic black and white to orange, pink and yellow.

In my opinion wearing them is relatively easy, because they tend to go with almost anything, although sometimes if mixed up with too much color and too much elements they can become overwhelming. So I decided to up this small guide on how to style them, hopefully it can serve as inspiration for some of you.

Tip #1 Wear your running sneakers with a midi skirt: personally this is my favorite way of wearing them, it is the less evident footwear for this kind of skirt, so it clashes in a unexpected way, and adds fun to your ensemble.

Tip #2 Wear your running sneakers in a monochrome outfit: this is the best way to make your sneakers stand out, without adding to much information to your outfit. Doesn’t really matter the color of your sneakers, when it is a neutral color outfit they will make even a better statement.

Tip #3 Wear your sneakers with a classic outfit and top it with another sportswear accessory: this is a great way to make your otherwise very classic outfit take a modern route. You add the sneakers and pair it in this case with a cap. It is a mix of classic with a sporty/modern touch.

Tip #4 Wear your sneakers with a mini skirt: I love mini skirts with running sneakers, they are sexy in a non sexy way, I don’t know if it makes sense, but it takes away a little bit of this feminine vibe, without taking too much. When worn with a t-shirt or structured top, it looks even better because it tones down even more the girly girly vibes.

Any other suggestion? Please share your tips!


Hoy os voy a dar mis sugerencias y tips de como usar vuestras zapatillas de correr como prenda de vestir para uso diario. La verdad da igual si salís a correr o no, mucha gente se compra estas zapatillas por lo cómodas que son y por la gran variedad de colores y diseños que estas ofrecen. Las podéis encontrar en todo tipo de combinaciones de colores, con estampados y de un sin fin de marcas, así que es lo menos complejo que existe dar con un par.

En mi opinion es relativamente fácil combinarlas porque le van bien a prácticamente todo, pero si es cierto que combinadas con mucho color y muchos estampados y capas puede ser un poco abrumador. Para que esto no pase aquí van mis consejos y trucos de como combinarlas.

Tip #1 Combinar las zapatillas de correr con una falda midi: personalmente es mi combinación favorita para este calzado, es lo menos evidente para este tipo de falda, así que choca un poco de una forma inesperada, añadiendo ese toque divertido e informal.

Tip #2 Añadir unas zapatillas de correr a un conjunto monocromático: esta es la mejor forma de enfocar la atención al calzado, sin que sea demasiado. No importa el color de vuestras zapatillas, si el conjunto es un color neutro destacarán aun mas.

Tip #3 Usar las zapatillas de correr en un conjunto clásico añadiendo otro accesorio deportivo: esta es la mejor forma de transformar un conjunto clásico en uno mas moderno. Solo basta añadir algún accesorio deportivo (gorra, mochila, etc).

Tip #4 Combinar las zapatillas de correr con una falda mini: me encantan las faldas mini con este tipo de zapatillas, hacen que un conjunto femenino deje de serlo tanto. Cuando además combinamos la falda con una camiseta básica o un top estructurado le quita aun mas elementos y femeninos y puede resultar mas neutro y ambiguo.

Ahora os toca compartir a vosotras conmigo vuestras sugerencias!




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