Instagram: Summer Diary Part 2

Fashion blogger Trini Instagram picturesTrini blog Instagram picturesTrini blog Instagram picturesFashion blogger Trini Instagram picturesTrini blog Instagram picturesTrini blog Instagram picturesTrini blog Instagram pictures


Instagram pictures of the past few weeks! You can follow me HERE for live access to my day to day!


Summer 2014: Outfit 16

Fashion blogger Trini Equipment white shirtTrini blog black skirt white shirtFashion blogger Trini K Jacques Saint Tropez Picon sandalsfashion blogger Trini Longchamp le Pliage black toteTrini blog Equipment white sleveless shirtTrini blog Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag


Dubrovnik outfit number two. I wore my new Equipment sleeveless white shirt, which I was dying to wear, but saving for my trip. This was the number one garment my summer wardrobe was missing, a classic white sleeveless shirt. I wanted to buy it before, but the standard model was too big on me, so when the slim version came out I jumped at it eyes closed, and I am so glad I did, its the perfect everyday shirt for summer.

I’m wearing: J.Crew panama hat (get it HERE), Ray-Ban clubmaster sunglasses (get them HERE), Equipment slim sleeveless shirt (get it HERE), The Kooples skirt, K. Jacques Saint Tropez Picon sandals (get them HERE) and Longchamp Le Pliage black tote (get it HERE).


Movies with great Fashion: Side Effects

SIDE EFFECTS_MG_6630.CR2sideeffects-movieSide Effects - Rooney MaraSIDE EFFECTS MOVIEside-effects-rooneymaraside--effectsbed

As a big movie fan, I am always looking for inspiration in them. It is hard though to find movies with great fashion nowadays, it seems all the beautiful movies from the past are the ones to inspire. A few weeks ago I bumped into this movie, which instantly got my attention. It is a good movie, fun to watch, and thrilling, not the best one though, but one worth watching maybe once. Now i’m not going to review the movie since it’s not my area of expertise, but what I want to share with you is the wonderful wardrobe Rooney Mara gets to wear. I have never really cared for her as an actress,  and less about her style but after watching this movie it made me wish she dressed like this on a regular basis, it would make her one of the best dressed actresses of our time.


Store of the Week: Maria Dubrovnik

Maria Dubrovnik Store

This is a new section I decided to add in my blog, it’s called “Store of the Week” and in it I will be featuring and reviewing stores I visit around the world, in which you can find great items (of course we’re talking about fashion items). I will be telling you a little bit about the store, the location, it’s stock, pricing, mostly everything you need to know and I will be rating them as well.

A large percent of all the emails I receive are always asking for advice on where to shop, where can I find this, what is the right size, and things like that, and of course there’s nothing I like talking about more, and probably nothing I know more about so this is a way in which I can answer some of these questions, for everyone.

My first store is Maria. It has a store in Zagreb and Dubrovnik but in this trip I only visited Dubrovnik so I can only talk about this store. Besides Maxmara store, to my knowledge its the only place to shop luxury fashion in Dubrovnik. There was another store that stocked a few items from See by Chloe and Furla, but was not really worth it.

Maria Store is the number one multi brand luxury store in Croatia, that I can tell for sure, they stock Alaïa, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Céline, Givenchy, Stella McCartney among others. The store is located in the heart of Dubrovnik Old Town, in what I believe is an old monastery. As you can see from the picture I took from the outside it keeps the old Dubrovnik vibe while inside it’s beautifully decorated keeping it minimal so the main focus always goes to the products.

The store is quite small, but even so it is well stocked. I was delighted to find, a whole big selection of Céline and Givenchy bags, as well as good selection of sunglasses, great fall/winter clothes, and a small selection from spring/summer garments on sale.

The only “but” here is I found the store to be, a little overpriced, at least compared to the prices in Spain and France. I don’t blame them though because of course if you are the only store in a city, or even country stocking most of the brands I just mentioned, you can elevate the prices a little, after all you have no direct competition, and you know people are going purchase your product anyways specially when it comes to Céline, we all know how tricky it can be finding a certain bag at times. I did try a few things, and I almost bought a skirt, but sadly as I stated before it was overpriced, and it did fit a little big, so that would mean extra money to have it altered on an overpriced item, I did not feel it would be a good investment.

The fitting room was nice, but it was not very comfortable to see the clothes inside it, so you were kind of “forced” to go outside to have a better look. I’m always upset when that happens, some people just want privacy, but we are talking of a small store, so you can’t expect a big fitting area, so it makes sense. Overall the experience was good, and I would definitely recommend you go visit the store even if you don’t plan on buying anything, it is just a good store, period.

The S.A where really nice and friendly, and one of the best thing it opens until midnight!


Overall I would give it an 8.5/10.


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