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Today I am sharing with you my tips on how to wear your running sneakers as an everyday footwear. It doesn’t really make a difference if you actually run or not, the fact is running sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoe options you will ever find, and certainly one of the most fun type of sneakers around. You can find them in all kinds of crazy color combinations, from classic black and white to orange, pink and yellow.

In my opinion wearing them is relatively easy, because they tend to go with almost anything, although sometimes if mixed up with too much color and too much elements they can become overwhelming. So I decided to up this small guide on how to style them, hopefully it can serve as inspiration for some of you.

Tip #1 Wear your running sneakers with a midi skirt: personally this is my favorite way of wearing them, it is the less evident footwear for this kind of skirt, so it clashes in a unexpected way, and adds fun to your ensemble.

Tip #2 Wear your running sneakers in a monochrome outfit: this is the best way to make your sneakers stand out, without adding to much information to your outfit. Doesn’t really matter the color of your sneakers, when it is a neutral color outfit they will make even a better statement.

Tip #3 Wear your sneakers with a classic outfit and top it with another sportswear accessory: this is a great way to make your otherwise very classic outfit take a modern route. You add the sneakers and pair it in this case with a cap. It is a mix of classic with a sporty/modern touch.

Tip #4 Wear your sneakers with a mini skirt: I love mini skirts with running sneakers, they are sexy in a non sexy way, I don’t know if it makes sense, but it takes away a little bit of this feminine vibe, without taking too much. When worn with a t-shirt or structured top, it looks even better because it tones down even more the girly girly vibes.

Any other suggestion? Please share your tips!


Hoy os voy a dar mis sugerencias y tips de como usar vuestras zapatillas de correr como prenda de vestir para uso diario. La verdad da igual si salís a correr o no, mucha gente se compra estas zapatillas por lo cómodas que son y por la gran variedad de colores y diseños que estas ofrecen. Las podéis encontrar en todo tipo de combinaciones de colores, con estampados y de un sin fin de marcas, así que es lo menos complejo que existe dar con un par.

En mi opinion es relativamente fácil combinarlas porque le van bien a prácticamente todo, pero si es cierto que combinadas con mucho color y muchos estampados y capas puede ser un poco abrumador. Para que esto no pase aquí van mis consejos y trucos de como combinarlas.

Tip #1 Combinar las zapatillas de correr con una falda midi: personalmente es mi combinación favorita para este calzado, es lo menos evidente para este tipo de falda, así que choca un poco de una forma inesperada, añadiendo ese toque divertido e informal.

Tip #2 Añadir unas zapatillas de correr a un conjunto monocromático: esta es la mejor forma de enfocar la atención al calzado, sin que sea demasiado. No importa el color de vuestras zapatillas, si el conjunto es un color neutro destacarán aun mas.

Tip #3 Usar las zapatillas de correr en un conjunto clásico añadiendo otro accesorio deportivo: esta es la mejor forma de transformar un conjunto clásico en uno mas moderno. Solo basta añadir algún accesorio deportivo (gorra, mochila, etc).

Tip #4 Combinar las zapatillas de correr con una falda mini: me encantan las faldas mini con este tipo de zapatillas, hacen que un conjunto femenino deje de serlo tanto. Cuando además combinamos la falda con una camiseta básica o un top estructurado le quita aun mas elementos y femeninos y puede resultar mas neutro y ambiguo.

Ahora os toca compartir a vosotras conmigo vuestras sugerencias!





Today I am introducing to you UncommonGoods a company that offers a wide range of unique handmade goods. They attempt to minimize the environmental impact, working with their artists to use sustainable or recycled materials whenever possible, choosing environmentally friendlier packing materials. They are committed to offering you a creative and exciting merchandise assortment and are working with their suppliers – from artists to small manufacturers – to make their products in a more socially and environmentally responsible manner. Since their founding, they’ve featured products that contain recycled components and have not sold products containing leather, feathers or fur – their goal is to sell no product that harms humans or animals.
Within the variety of their products you can find everything from home decor, kitchen, art, accessories for both men and women, kids apparel and toys and my favorite: jewelry. You can find so many gorgeous items HERE.

Inside the jewelry category you will be able to find gorgeous necklaces ( a few of my favorites featured below).


You can get them HERE.

Braceletes are also beatiful (my selection below)05729657831c3d217f2a2440ed407208d0b1fe5d3131e9bec1b151942a93ae67

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With so many gorgeous products who wouldn’t want to get at least one?




Trini | J Crew mules Céline sunglassesTrini | J Crew mules Céline sunglassesTrini | J Crew mules Céline sunglassesTrini | J Crew mules Céline sunglassesTrini | J Crew mules Céline sunglassesTrini | J Crew mules Céline sunglasses

So today I am wearing a monochrome navy outfit (the t-shirt is really charcoal but it looks navy in the pictures). As you know I love navy and I love monochrome outfits so I could not think of anything better than to mix both. The only slight pop of something else is in my tortoiseshell sunglasses.


Hoy llevo un conjunto monocromático en color azul navy (la camiseta es de color carbón pero acaba pareciendo navy en contraste con las demás prendas). Como sabéis adoro el color navy y adoro los conjuntos en un solo color, por lo que no se me ocurre nada mejor que mezclar estos dos elementos. El único pequeño destello de algo diferente esta en mis gafas de sol de carey.


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Trini | Isabel Marant midi skirt Comme des Garçons PLAY t-shirtTrini | Isabel Marant midi skirt Comme des Garçons PLAY t-shirtTrini | Isabel Marant midi skirt Comme des Garçons PLAY t-shirtTrini | Isabel Marant midi skirt Comme des Garçons PLAY t-shirtTrini | Isabel Marant midi skirt Comme des Garçons PLAY t-shirt

As you know i’m terribly addicted to this skirt, like really. I need to wear it over and over again and I just can’t seem to get enough. They possibilities are endless which is the main reason why I wear it so much.

For today I decided to pair with one of my classic t-shirts and some sneakers.


Como sabeis me he vuelto intensamente adicta a esta falda. No puedo dejar de usarla una y otra vez con todas las prendas de mi armario. Las posibilidades son infinitas y esta es la razón principal del porqué la uso tanto.

Hoy decidí combinarla con una camiseta básica y unas zapatillas blancas.


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