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New Handbag: Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton

Ever since this line came out (my favorite line of handbags from Louis Vuitton) i’ve been a huge fan. After Chanel’s classic flap this has been my most wanted bag for many reasons: its classic, simple design, the high quality of this handbag, the versatility of this bag (this is the main reason) can be worn with absolutely anything and it’s perfect for almost every occasion and of course the dimensions of this particular size PM. It is perfect to carry the essentials and a little bit more.

Throughout the years this bag has become available in a wide range of colors but for me Cobalt (a perfect dark navy) is by far the number one color of this line. Simply because it is my favorite color and goes with everything in my wardrobe, plus it’s a nice twist to all my black handbags.

Anyhow this bag has recently been released in a smaller size BB and a new leather parnasséa and has also added a few colors such as black.

Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse slippers

My newest slippers! I actually got them a few months ago. Had been waiting for the perfect slippers since forever. I actually first fell in love with last year’s (Cruise 2012) blue/black leopard slippers, and regretted so much not getting them the instant I saw them, tried to search for them afterwards but they were completely impossible to find. One year later, I see these amazing beauties and I had no second thoughts this time, because I already know what happens with LV seasonal items, you either get them the moment they are released or you will be sorry later!

Jimmy Choo kitten heels

Got these babies the other day! I was looking for a pair of classic black kitten heels comfortable for everyday and these Jimmy Choo got my heart, they are perrrrfect! They go with everything really and they are a nice alternative to pumps that sometimes might be a little too much.

Chanel Flats Family

Greetings from summer! (actually it is spring here but it feels like summer). I am enjoying my holidays so I’ve been a week absent,relaxing.

I have no outfit pictures at the moment but when unpacking I decided to take some pictures of my shoes. I don’t have all my shoes with me but I did bring my Chanel flats family. Small family but one that will keep growing hopefully. First are the two newest additions, navy/black t-strap and ¬†beige/noir classic flats replacement pair I bought for my first pair (5 years old) that I wore just to much for 5 years. Then we have the classic family: beige/noir, brown/noir and noir patent cap toe.

These are by far my favorite pair of shoes,hands down! Countless reasons for this but the fact that they are just gorgeous, comfortable an versatile sums it all up.

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