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Something New: LV Alma

This is my newest bag: miss Epi Alma PM size in cacao!

This summer I bumped into her at the LV store and it was love at first sight!

I initially tried her on in black and of course I decided at the spot she was going to be mine. The problem: all my bags are black and I had promised myself no more black bags until I found one in some nice neutral color. So I stopped myself and did not buy her and kept looking for that perfect brown bag. Luckily for me last month I went to the store again and they had the Alma in this super amazing rich brown color, just what I needed!

I have no words to describe how amazing this bag is, the shape, the design, it is such a classic timeless bag. History of this bag goes way back as it was designed in 1934, a special order made for Coco Chanel.

New In: Chanel Flats

I actually have a lot of New In things but these babies are by far my favorite! I got them over a month ago after searching and searching like crazy for them. I missed them when they were in stores, I don’t know why I decided not to get them, a decision I much regretted after. I don’t remember exactly which season these are If i’m not mistaken they are 10A chocolate brown-black classic ballerinas.

Something New: Prada Brogues

 I have no new outfit pictures sooo i’m sharing a new purchase, well not so new, a month old. A different, special kind of brogue.

Something New: Le Sac Icone

Once upon a time there was a girl that dreamt with Chanel. Not just Chanel bags or shoes but she was madly in love with all it represented: classic elegance, austere style and women that value timeless above trends. Now that  love for Chanel developed into a small collection of shoes but her real big love was the most timeless piece of Chanel, the very one classic flap bag. She decided it would be her very best investment to date, so she saved and saved and eventually got it.

What can I say, finally I purchased a work of art. Medium classic flap silver hardware in caviar.

PS. I’m sorry for not answering comments but as i’ve said before these days I hardly have time to post, but I will get to it asap, promise!

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