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For years I have lived with tons and tons of shoes, really wearing only just a few pairs. This year however I have been working on only having garments I wear frequently and saying goodbye to those beautiful, but that I only wear once in a blue moon, practicing and living minimalism at its best (for those of you thinking minimalism is only wearing black and white your wrong, it is living with just the essentials in every aspect).

Today I am sharing with you my essential footwear. I added just the ones I wear all year long, because well boots and sandals are seasonal.


Por años he estado viviendo con cantidades y cantidades de zapatos, usando con frecuencia solo unos cuantos. Este año sin embargo, he decidido deshacerme de todo lo que no uso lo suficiente y vivir con lo esencial, aun menos cosas pero cada vez mejores. Vivir el minimalismo en su esencia (para los que penséis que el minimalismo es ir de blanco y negro estáis bien equivocados, el minimalismo es vivir con pocas cosas, solo lo esencial).

Hoy os enseño mi calzado esencial, los que verdaderamente uso todo el año. He decidido omitir el calzado de verano e invierno ya que son de temporada.



1. Adidas classic Stan Smith sneakers (get them HERE)

2. Céline slip-on sneakers (get them HERE)

3. Alexander Wang Lovisa pumps (get them HERE)

4. Céline ballet flats (get them HERE)

5. Gucci Princetown slippers (get them HERE)

6. Chanel ballet flats (get them HERE)




  1. Sam Chiu
    November 14, 2016 at 3:33 AM (8 years ago)

    Hi Trini,

    Would like to know how you clean your chanel ballet flats (esp the nude piping). been wearing it for quite a year now and the piping is kind of dirty now.


  2. Trini
    November 15, 2016 at 6:02 PM (8 years ago)

    Hello Sam!
    To be honest mine have not reached that moment yet, I still have not cleaned them since I purchased them, although I must say this is my second pair. I had the same pair for six/seven years and they got really dirty and they lost their shape (I was wearing them like 4 times a week, day/night and really didn’t take care of them as I should) so I had to buy a new pair. These are fairly new, so they haven’t gotten dirty yet.

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