After getting asked so many questions about my Victoria bag I decided to do this brief but complete review, hoping that it will help anyone undecided on whether to purchase this bag. It was a fun mini project that I enjoyed doing, so it got me thinking on starting my own Youtube channel. Actually I already had one but never pursued it as part of my content.

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This is my first video so hopefully I’ll get better at editing with time!

Lets get into details:

Length 35 cm (the reason of this size being called the 35)
Height 26 cm
Width 16 cm
Handle drop 22 cm

I tried weighing this bag empty and it marked 0 so I have no idea it’s real weight but to me it is a light bag. Of course like any bag it will all come down on what you carry.

This bag has five feet on the bottom which make it a low maintenance bag. You can leave it in the floor (for example in an airplane when traveling and you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty). It also has a cross stitching on the same area that can also be appreciated when open inside.

It has a security lock that makes it makes it super safe and also adds a distinctive touch.

Inside you can find three pockets: a large one with zipper perfect for wallet or cardholder and two small small open ones ideal for phone or keys.

Inside you can also find a tag that on the back has the date stamp.

What fits:
In it’s maximum capacity it will hold:
-bottle of water
-large make-up
-baby wipes
-old ipad
-coin purse
-Iphone (not pictured because I was taping the video with it)
(there is room for more with all this in it)

Wear two ways:
-On shoulder


-Storage space
-Light weight
-Under the radar
-Minimalist design

Ideal for:
– Work bag
– Travel bag (I have traveled with this bag and find it so comfortable for this purpose)
– Mommy bag (Fits all the essentials specially for a new mommy like myself it has been perfect for this too)
– Everyday bag

After owning this bag for eleven months I can say it has been such a great addition to my collection. It is a great entry level Hermes bag and it’s one you don’t have to baby at all, you just wear it, wear it, wear it and watch it still be amazing. I love that it is under the radar and very few people will know you are carrying an Hermes so you can be comfortable with it anywhere. I also love it’s minimalist design and the security lock adds a touch of youthful badass (in my opinion).

This bag is only available in palladium (silver) hardware at the moment that’s why I ended up getting the Picotin in gold hardware (will leave this for another day). The leather is clemence (I believe) and in this case the color is noir. I love it so much I would consider getting it in another color in the future although I do have an extensive H wishlist so will have to cover other models first.

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