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After getting asked so many questions about my Victoria bag I decided to do this brief but complete review, hoping that it will help anyone undecided on whether to purchase this bag. It was a fun mini project that I enjoyed doing, so it got me thinking on starting my own Youtube channel. Actually I already had one but never pursued it as part of my content.

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This is my first video so hopefully I’ll get better at editing with time!

Lets get into details:

Length 35 cm (the reason of this size being called the 35)
Height 26 cm
Width 16 cm
Handle drop 22 cm

I tried weighing this bag empty and it marked 0 so I have no idea it’s real weight but to me it is a light bag. Of course like any bag it will all come down on what you carry.

This bag has five feet on the bottom which make it a low maintenance bag. You can leave it in the floor (for example in an airplane when traveling and you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty). It also has a cross stitching on the same area that can also be appreciated when open inside.

It has a security lock that makes it makes it super safe and also adds a distinctive touch.

Inside you can find three pockets: a large one with zipper perfect for wallet or cardholder and two small small open ones ideal for phone or keys.

Inside you can also find a tag that on the back has the date stamp.

What fits:
In it’s maximum capacity it will hold:
-bottle of water
-large make-up
-baby wipes
-old ipad
-coin purse
-Iphone (not pictured because I was taping the video with it)
(there is room for more with all this in it)

Wear two ways:
-On shoulder


-Storage space
-Light weight
-Under the radar
-Minimalist design

Ideal for:
– Work bag
– Travel bag (I have traveled with this bag and find it so comfortable for this purpose)
– Mommy bag (Fits all the essentials specially for a new mommy like myself it has been perfect for this too)
– Everyday bag

After owning this bag for eleven months I can say it has been such a great addition to my collection. It is a great entry level Hermes bag and it’s one you don’t have to baby at all, you just wear it, wear it, wear it and watch it still be amazing. I love that it is under the radar and very few people will know you are carrying an Hermes so you can be comfortable with it anywhere. I also love it’s minimalist design and the security lock adds a touch of youthful badass (in my opinion).

This bag is only available in palladium (silver) hardware at the moment that’s why I ended up getting the Picotin in gold hardware (will leave this for another day). The leather is clemence (I believe) and in this case the color is noir. I love it so much I would consider getting it in another color in the future although I do have an extensive H wishlist so will have to cover other models first.

Feel free to ask questions (through IG or Youtube) as I have a Spam problem with this blog.


Trini | Mansur Gavriel tote


My new bag: the large tote in Flamma by Mansur Gavriel. I was into having a horizontal shaped tote for a while now, I love how practical my Céline tote is, so I wanted an alternative, a bag I could rely for everyday and for traveling. I ran across this bag in my last trip to L.A but ended up not buying it, I don’t why, since I loved it. It adds up a lot in real life, and even though I am not into color, the pop of red somehow feels like a neutral. So, finally I decided to give it a try, and I am thrilled that I did.

I had the chance to travel with this bag last week and it was the best travel bag I have ever had. It fits absolutely everything and works better than a vertical tote to find everything. And the good part it is really structured so your stuff stays in place no matter what, and of course the added bonus is the attached pouch that comes with it, perfect for your wallet, card holder and relevant documents.

You can get it HERE, HERE or HERE.


Mi nueva adquisición: el bolso grande de Mansur Gavriel en Flamma. Me apetecia un bolso de estilo tote pero en horizontal hace bastante ya, una opción a mi tan socorrido tote de Céline, un bolso que fuese practico para el día a día y para viajar. En mi último viaje a L.A en una de mis tiendas favoritas me encontré con este bolso y la verdad llamo muchísimo mi atención. Gana bastante en la vida real vs fotos, y aunque no soy de colores fuertes de alguna forma el rojo interior se percibe como neutro. Finalmente decidí ir a por el y la verdad estoy encantada.

He tenido la oportunidad de estrenarlo en este viaje y os prometo que es sin dudarlo el mejor bolso para viajar que jamás he tenido. Hay sitio para todo, y funciona bastante mejor que un bolso de estilo tote en vertical (como el Cabas de Céline) especialmente para encontrar lo que se lleva dentro. Lo mejor es que es estructurado y eso permite que todo lo que se coloque quede en su sitio. El pequeño bonus es el pouch removible que lleva dentro, es ideal para guardar la cartera y los documentos.

Podeis comprarlo AQUI, AQUI o AQUI.





Trini blog | Saint Laurent Lulu bag

Inside my latest addition to the bag family Saint Laurent Lulu bag (get her HERE)


Dentro de mi último bolso el modelo Lulu de Saint Laurent:


1. Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Rouge Noir – get it HERE

2. Nars lipstick in Belle Du Jour – get it HERE

3. Chanel quilted lambskin cardholder

4. The Row 71 sunglasses – get them HERE




Trini blog | Hermes classic bags


Hermes is one of the leading luxury handbags brands out there, and it’s pretty obvious why. They have a huge number of bags all perfectly made with only the highest quality and the designs are all classic, perfect for every type of woman. This of course has translated in success and in a variety of iconic bags, probably more than any other label.

I have gathered some of the classics, and I say some because this is a brand where almost all of the bags are classics, and there are not so much new models, as new colors or new combinations of colors and textures.


Hermes es una de las marcas de accesorios de lujo líderes en el mercado, y es bastante obvio el porque. Tienen una gran cantidad de bolsos, todos perfectamente fabricados con la mas alta calidad. Los diseños son clásicos, perfectos para cualquier tipo de mujer sin importar la edad o los gustos. Esto por supuesto ha sido lo que ha marcado el éxito de la firma con una variedad de icónicos bolsos, probablemente mas que cualquier otra firma.

Me he centrado en alguno de los clásicos y digo alguno ya que esta firma es de las pocas donde casi todos sus bolsos son clásicos, no hay casi bolsos nuevos, lo nuevo esta en los colores, o combinaciones de colores y texturas.

Trini blog | Hermes classic bags

The new Hermes bag were hard to find, I basically added the new models from the past five years, and as you can see there are not many, as in most labels. I quite like the Double Sense Tote but it reminds me of the Céline Cabas and the Etribelt bag which I also like a lot but again it reminds me of a Céline bag, this time the Edge. Have I become too much of a Céline fan, or do you see it too? The weird part is both of them were released after their Céline twins. I think I’ll stop the comparison because both brands are very different from one another, but in my opinion Hermes does do better classics than releasing new bags. What do you think?


Los bolsos nuevos de Hermes no son muchos, así que me concentré en los de los últimos cinco años. Me encanta el Double Sense Tote y el Etribelt, pero siento que se parecen mucho a los bolsos de Céline Cabas y Edge respectivamente. No sé si estaré demasiado obsesionada con bolsos de Céline últimamente o es que de verdad tienen algo pero sin duda es algo a tener en cuenta. En cualquier caso soy de la opinión de que Hermes debería centrarse en seguir añadiendo variedad a los clásicos en vez de sacar bolsos nuevos al mercado. Cual es vuestra opinión nuevos o clásicos?



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