Summer 2014: Outfit 5

Gap Black dress Longchamp Le Pliagepanama hat Fashion blogger TriniPanama Hat Birkenstock Arizona sandals

Another almost complete black outfit. What can I say? I love black, and even more wearing it in summer, when most people turn to bright colors and wild prints, I love keeping it dark with navy or black. Of course I also love to keep it comfortable and my Arizona sandals are the best at that!

I know there many haters of these babies and honestly I understand, they are not pretty nor feminine nor masculine…they are somehow a strange undefined type of shoe mostly associated with german tourists, but personally I feel the need to look beyond that and focus on its two biggest assets. One: comfort and two: the unexpected effect they give almost any outfit, they toughen it up a bit, I would even dare to say they spark an outfit making it look fun, without looking flashy and out there. Me, I have a feeling this sandals will go beyond a trend and become a classic, they are already a forgotten classic, they never really disappeared, so it’s not hard to visualize them staying permanently as a comfortable option for summer.

I’m wearing: Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses (get them Here), Gap dress, Birkenstock sandals (get them Here) , Longchamp Le Pliage bag (get it Here) and J Crew panama hat (get it Here).

Instagram: Weekly Review

Fashion blogger Trini instagramInstagram Pictures Trini blogFashion blogger Trini instagram picturesTrini instagram account

Today I am sick with the flu! I don’t know what happened…sometimes my tiny body can’t deal well with the abrupt temperature changes, and much less with a boyfriend who likes sleeping with the windows open. So I have been home all day with fever and taking some meds to feel better. Hopefully I will get well soon, I wouldn’t mind (on winter) spending the weekend in bed sick, but it’s summer and I had fun plans. No outfit picture for today, instead for those of you who don’t do social media much, this is what i’ve been up to on INSTAGRAM this week. Of course you are welcome to follow me, and comment, I always love hearing from you!


Summer 2014: Outfit 4

All Black summer outfit Fashion Blogger TriniChanel bag Saint Laurent bracelet Trini blogIsabel Marant black skirt Trini blogChanel bag Isabel Marant heels Trini blog

And today I wore my poppies for the first time! Super comfortable for a four inch heels. As you know, I go all black frequently, and today a very hot summer day I wore all black and felt no heat. Proof that there are options of an all black outfit to wear year long. You might also notice a new accessory, for those of you think I don’t accessorize actually I do. I have wanted to, subtly though, but I have wanted for ages, I just did not find the right accessories for me, until just recently. But I will leave that story for a new post where I will tell you all about accessorizing: how I feel about it, how you can do it softly and what my picks of the season are.

I’m wearing: Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses (get them Here), Sandro camisole (get a similar one Here), Isabel Marant Etoile skirt, Isabel Marant poppy heels (get them Here), Chanel bag and Saint Laurent bracelet (get it Here).


Something New: Isabel Marant Poppy Heels

Isabel Marant Box Trini blogIsabel Marant Poppy Trini blog

A pair of heels a season. Since I don’t wear much heels that’s all I really need, and all I really buy. This lovely pair by Isabel Marant has been on my wishlist since they first came out back in Fall 2010. They were only released for a season and then they disappeared until this re-release for Spring 2014. So of course when I saw them this season I knew I had to have them. I never expected them to go on sale, I was actually quite ready to take the plunge at full price (thing I never do for high heels) but somehow I saw them not selling online so I decided to wait. To my surprise they went on sale on almost every online retailer I know, which was pretty much fantastic, and there was still stock left in my size (first size to always sell out), which is even more of a surprise, so of course I am thrilled!

This type of phenomenon that has been happening a lot lately, the re-release of best-selling pieces that have now become classics to have them stay as permanent items pretty much sums up what my vision of fashion is: classic fashion. A piece that will remain timeless (all the opposite to trendy) is always a good investment.

If you like me love this gorgeous heels you can still get them HERE and HERE


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