Summer 2011: Outfit 2

This outfit is very special, not the outfit really but the t-shirt i’m wearing is one of my faves. Why? two reasons, my lovely friend Chema gave it to me as a gift for my birthday and though I wear it a lot I believe this is the first time I feature it in an outfit. Second reason is: it’s Luella. Now I was the greatest Luella Bartley fan I really loved all of her designs and was very sad to see her label disappear.

Sunglasses are Ray-Ban, t-shirt is Luella, cardigan is H&M mens, skirt is American Apparel, shoes and belt are Topshop and clutch is vintage.

To transition cardigans are THE garment! Looking for a burgundy one? You can find one here and here.

Summer 2011: Outfit 1

Relaxed, basic, classic, simple…all my favorite words when it comes to outfits!

Sunglasses are Ray-ban, t-shirt is American Apparel, cardigan is Benetton, shorts are DVF, clutch is vintage and sneakers are Converse.

This shorts are probably one of my best buys ever so I highly recommend you get yourself a similar pair. You can transition from summer to fall easily and it doesn’t stop there. You can wear them in winter with tights and very important…yes! they go from casual to formal in no time. Just wear them with heels and a blouse and voila! If you are looking for a similar pair you can find them herehere and here.

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