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Inspiration: Margaret Howell Spring Summer 2014

Margaret Howell 2014 collectionMargaret Howell 2014 collectionMargaret Howell SummerMargaret Howell Spring

Following yesterday’s post today I am in for some summer inspiration from one of my favorites: Margaret Howell. I wish I could own every single piece of this collection, and every other but currently I am happy with my dungarees from MHL line. Outfit pictures soon!


Spring 2014: Outfit 49 (Stockholm)

Trini Topshop black dungareesTrini Club Monaco light blue classic shirtTrini Sandro navy jumperTrini Anya Hindmarch Bathurst bagTrini Petit Bateau raincoat navy jacket Trini Stockholm Street

More pictures from lovely Stockholm! In this pictures im in Södermalm, one of my favorite neighborhoods in this city, I was going to say my favorite, but to be honest my favorite is Norrmalm.

When I visit a city the aesthetic of the street and buildings is what captures my interest the most and Stockholm would have a ten in architecture, it’s just breathless. The thing about this city is it is just so elegant, and posh, and clean, to be honest it’s not just in the city it is in almost everything swedish. Locals, when it comes to outfits could be described with the same words, and of course the local fashion brands represent that aesthetic to perfection as well. Yes of course i’m talking about Acne Studios, Filippa K or Hope. As my sister said, it’s like Paris but cleaner. And in a way I think it is.

It was cold though, the whole four days I was there, I kept thinking my friends in the Southern Hemisphere were probably warmer than me, but I was happy to go back to layering and warmer clothes, I do better dressing for in between seasons than summer that’s for sure.

I’m wearing: Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses (GET THEM HERE) , Petit Bateau raincoat via, Topshop dungarees, Club Monaco shirt, Sandro sweater, Superga sneakers (GET THEM HERE) and Anya Hindmarch Bathurst bag (GET IT HERE).

Spring 2014: Outfit 48 (Stockholm)

Trini Burberry trench The Kooples trousersTrini APC striped jumper Miu Miu loafersTrini StockholmLONGCHAMP Bag

Last week as you might have noticed I did not update my blog for a few days, that was because I was in Stockholm visiting my friend Omar that currently lives there. I went for Midsummer, I had no idea about that celebration/tradition and neither had he, and it was the most awesome experience! The big plus too were the Midsummer sales, I can’t deny that.

I had only visited Stockholm once before nine years ago, and it was an express visit so I did not remember the whole of the city and this trip refreshed my memory on the beauty and awesomeness of this amazing city. Last time I visited it was late August and I remember great temperature, not the case now, the difference at this time of the year is around 15ºC from our weather here in Spain. Crazy! I felt I was in late winter or early spring so as you will see the next few outfit posts will be nothing summery, and maybe not much of an inspiration right now, but more suitable for my followers on cold weather, like you guys down on the Southern Hemisphere.

I know we are officially in summer but I labeled them as spring as they were taken under that season.

For more pictures on my Stockholm trip, Follow me on INSTAGRAM!

I’m wearing: Barbour cap, Ray-Ban sunglasses GET THEM HERE, A.P.C striped jumper, The Kooples trousers, Burberry trench GET IT HERE, Miu Miu loafers and Longchamp Le Pliage bag GET IT HERE.

Spring 2014 : Outfit 47

Trini APC shirt Wood Wood shortTrini shirt navy shortsAPC shirt and Wood Wood shortsWood Wood shortsLouis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag


It’s so hot right now, going out in anything but shorts and sandals seems unbearable! Today i’m wearing one of my very old A.P.C shirts. Probably from 2011 or 2012, but I just love it, the shape is just perfect! It’s so hard to find a wider but shorter classic shirt, I find they make them extremely long and in my opinion that is not very flattering, it shortens the figure. The best part of this shirt though is the color, a mix of blue and purple, something like a dark lavender maybe? I’m not sure how to classify it, I think it really depends on the light, but I just love it!

I’m wearing: Ray-Ban sunglasses (get them HERE), A.P.C shirt, Wood Wood shorts and Salt Water sandals that you can get HERE. Handbag is Louis Vuitton.

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