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Summer 2013: Outfit 6

Wood Wood Shorts The Kooples ShirtWood Wood Shorts The Kooples ShirtWood Wood Shorts The Kooples ShirtAnother holiday outfit. As you can see all through my holidays I would not leave my Longchamp bag and my Saltwater sandals alone, but the low maintenance and beach proof factors are unbeatable!

Ray-Ban sunglasses, The Kooples short, Wood Wood shorts, Saltwater sandals and Longchamp tote.

Saltwater Sandals

I have to declare my unconditional love for my favorite pair of sandals so far, the best i’ve ever had and I mean EVER! My navy blue(of course!) Saltwater sandals.

They’ve been by best friends all summer and all my holidays as well. I think the fact that they are so low maintenance and I can actually take them to the beach and get them wet without them being ruined is probably the best part. They beat all my designer sandals by far!

Now I am decided to get them in a few more colors for next year but I find them hard to get and overpriced for Europe, which is a shame. Hopefully in my next trip to the US I can stock up on them!

Summer 2013: Outfit 5

Im back from my holidays and finally have more outfit pictures!

This is one of my day/beach outfits: transitioning from going to the beach to some after lunch shopping.

Ray-Ban sunglasses, Filippa K dress, Longchamp tote and Saltwater sandals


I am going on holidays and I will not be updating my blog next week. But in the meantime ill be uploading pictures of my trip and outfits through Instagram. You can follow me (@trinig) or by clicking HERE.

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