Fall 2012: Outfit 1

I’ve decided to start by sharing some pictures of my trip to Paris this September. Unfortunately it was a very express trip (work related) and I was only there for a couple of days so I had little time for sightseeing, shopping and generally enjoying such amazing, wonderful city.

I don’t think I need to make any comments about how wonderful Paris is, and how at home I always feel when i’m there , I never want to leave!

Wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses, Petit Bateau pullover, Topshop (very old and extremely altered) jeans, Sandro jacket, Chanel flats and Prada bag.

3 months break

So i’ve been away for long. During the past few months I have been busy traveling and working (follow my instagram account for pictures about my trips) and I needed to take a break from blogging as I was not really able to concentrate on it. I had an idea of a new focus I wanted to give this blog and during this time away I finally have materialized what I am going to do. Honestly I get bored of coming across the same type of blogs over and over again showing exactly the same and I do not want to become one of them.

I really want my blog to be much more personal. As my style has evolved over time, and has matured with age, so has my view of fashion and how I feel about it in general. I really want to share all of this and be honest about my opinions so I will definitly blog about so much more than just my outfits,in fact I have no time for outfit pictures so i’ll have to include Iphone photos taken randomly.

I believe my style has become over the years more and more simple. In times when fashion is all about colors, prints, mixing everything together and adding more and more accessories to outfits I do not see myself  in any of those things. I find what really catches my attention are simple garments, neutral colors, just plain classic elegance. I will mainly focus my blog on all this things, and in the main idea that a woman does not need to take a risk with fashion when she knows what looks good on her. Period.

New In: Chanel Flats

I actually have a lot of New In things but these babies are by far my favorite! I got them over a month ago after searching and searching like crazy for them. I missed them when they were in stores, I don’t know why I decided not to get them, a decision I much regretted after. I don’t remember exactly which season these are If i’m not mistaken they are 10A chocolate brown-black classic ballerinas.

In Search Of: Perfect Swimwear

I really, really need/want to expand my swimwear collection. Though we only use swimsuits for a couple of months, every year a little bit more I feel the need of a good one. A good piece that will last for some time and that I will keep loving every summer.

Searching online, i’ve narrowed my wishlist to these three lovelies.

Striped swimsuit by Norma Kamali BUY HERE , navy blue bikini by Miu Miu BUY HERE, high waisted bikini by Topshop BUY HERE

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