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Summer 2014: Outfit 13

Acne Studios tshirt Trini blogMHL Margaret Howell dungarees Trini blogDungarees pocket detailscream white dungarees Trini blogAnya Hindmarch bathurst bag

First time posting an outfit with my relatively new dungarees. At first I was undecided as to if I should keep them, being an oversized model on my petite frame but after thinking and trying them on a few times I decided to. I already have a more fitting (but still big) pair of dungarees and a different version seemed like a fresh change. Plus there always is the comfort factor, they are so lightweight perfect for summer, and I can’t say no to a well made, versatile garment even if it fits a little big (90% of my clothes originally do) and there is always the option to get them altered.


Estreno mi nuevo peto de color marfil de la segunda línea MHL de Margaret Howell. Al comienzo estaba indecisa de si debería quedármelo, siendo un diseño oversize, en mi cuerpo menudo podría verse un tanto extraño, pero después de mucho pensarlo, y probármelo unas cuantas veces, decidí quedármelo. Tengo ya un modelo mas ajustado (aunque también me esta un pelín grande) y una versión un tanto distinta me parece un cambio acertado, además del factor comodidad. La tela es cómoda y fresca ideal para los meses cálidos, y la verdad es que no puedo decirle que no a una prenda bien hecha y versátil aunque me este un poco grande (originalmente el 90% de mi ropa me estaba grande y pude arreglarla sin problemas) y como digo modificar una prenda siempre es una opción.

Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses (get them HERE) |  Acne Studios t-shirt (get a sImilar one HERE)  | MHL Margaret Howell dungarees  | Birkenstock sandals (get them HERE) | and Anya Hindmarch bag (get it HERE)


If you read my post about “How I wear: LBD Little Black Dress” you will remember how I stated how I will start to do a how I wear/one garment four ways section on my blog. As many of you know, I am a big fan of dungarees and anything really that can be worn with something underneath, it multiplies the different ways it can be worn and therefore the number of times you can wear it.

Since a lot of you having be asking about this I am today posting three different ways of wearing black dungarees (in mild weather).

The dungarees in question are by Topshop and I got them last January while in South America, most specifically in Santiago, Chile. I remember they were the only pair in the store and I was kind of doubting if I should get them or not, because they were a little big on me, and I was concerned about the quality. I was messaging my friend Omar back in Madrid and he was telling me, don’t get them, please don’t get them. I did not get them, since I had to return to the store in a few days I decided to play with fate and see what happened. If I came back and they were still there they were meant to be mine, if I returned and they were gone, then well, let them be gone. I waited a few days and I went back to the store this time with my mom and they still had them…so I tried them, mom loved it, and so I got them.

It was a great purchase because I wear them a lot…a whole big lot. And while Omar’s advice is hardly ever wrong, this time it was.

Trini blog | Topshop dungarees

As you can see there are various ways to wearing dungarees, and wear it more on the casual side with sneakers or a little bit more classic with flats, they work just as fine. So…if you are thinking on getting your own pair…PLEASE DO! You won’t regret it.

Something New: MHL dungarees

Margaret Howell New InMargaret_HowellMargaret Howell dungarees



Something that has been on my wishlist since forever: MHL cream dungarees. I missed last year navy ones, so this year I was determined to avoid the same situation.

I am loving the color, the design, I have yet to do something about the fit because they are huge (even for an oversized style), but I refuse to let them go. This is kind of a designer/stylist’s challenge for me, so I am ready to take it, and make this baby work on me!

Spring 2014: Outfit 49 (Stockholm)

Trini Topshop black dungareesTrini Club Monaco light blue classic shirtTrini Sandro navy jumperTrini Anya Hindmarch Bathurst bagTrini Petit Bateau raincoat navy jacket Trini Stockholm Street

More pictures from lovely Stockholm! In this pictures im in Södermalm, one of my favorite neighborhoods in this city, I was going to say my favorite, but to be honest my favorite is Norrmalm.

When I visit a city the aesthetic of the street and buildings is what captures my interest the most and Stockholm would have a ten in architecture, it’s just breathless. The thing about this city is it is just so elegant, and posh, and clean, to be honest it’s not just in the city it is in almost everything swedish. Locals, when it comes to outfits could be described with the same words, and of course the local fashion brands represent that aesthetic to perfection as well. Yes of course i’m talking about Acne Studios, Filippa K or Hope. As my sister said, it’s like Paris but cleaner. And in a way I think it is.

It was cold though, the whole four days I was there, I kept thinking my friends in the Southern Hemisphere were probably warmer than me, but I was happy to go back to layering and warmer clothes, I do better dressing for in between seasons than summer that’s for sure.

I’m wearing: Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses (GET THEM HERE) , Petit Bateau raincoat via, Topshop dungarees, Club Monaco shirt, Sandro sweater, Superga sneakers (GET THEM HERE) and Anya Hindmarch Bathurst bag (GET IT HERE).

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