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Inspiration: Ellery Resort 2015

Ellery resort 2015Ellery 2015 restort collection Trini blogTrini blog Ellery resort 2015 collectionEllery 2015 restort collection Trini blog

Some inspiration from Sydney based brand Ellery. To be honest this brand did not get in my radar until very recently, when I saw this collection, and instantly it reminded me of The Row. It has all the elements, lots of black and white, volume and versatility, and of course the timeless factor, the most important quality when it comes to portraying a collection. The question to ask: will it still appeal a few years from now? Or will people look at it and say…oh thats so 2014…2015?


La inspiración de hoy viene de la firma australiana Ellery. Honestamente esta marca no llamó mi atención hasta hace muy poco cuando me tope con esta colección por casualidad. Inmediatamente me recordó a The Row. Tiene todos los elementos que me gustan negro y blanco, volumen y prendas versátiles y por supuesto atemporales, la cualidad mas importante a mi parecer cuando se trata de una colección. La pregunta debería ser, seguirá siendo atractiva en unos cuantos años, o al verla pensaremos: es muy 2014…2015?


Inspiration: Isabel Marant Pre Fall 2014

Isabel Marant Pre fall 2014 Trini blogPre Fall 2014 Isabel Marant collection Trini Blog Trini Blog Isabel Marant Pre Fall 2014 collectionTrini blog Isabel Marant Pre Fall 2014

I’m starting to hate summer this week, the heat is UNBEARABLE with capital letters, yes because it is! I really hate it when it gets to this point where you can’t live without air conditioner but can’t live with it because you end up sick. I miss spring or even fall so so much, really how simple is it to just wear jeans sneakers and a shirt?

Today some inspiration: Isabel Marant’s pre fall collection. This is how I want to dress every day, in between season’s simple, comfortable clothes. I love all the outfits here, have already taken some ideas from these pictures, you can say I love them 99% the only 1% are those Stan Smith exact replica sneakers. Really is that necessary to copy something exactly,exactly the same? Sure they are having their success but some variation could be nice. I am not a big fan of Stan Smith’s really, I feel there are so many more alternatives, of very similar designs of a much more elegant all white sneaker. Take for example Common Projects sneakers, or Saint Laurent. Yes they are more expensive, but less trendy, in fact not trendy at all. I know some of you are big fans of Stan Smith sneakers and I hope you won’t kill me for what I just wrote, but this is the way I see it.

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Inspiration: Margaret Howell Spring Summer 2014

Margaret Howell 2014 collectionMargaret Howell 2014 collectionMargaret Howell SummerMargaret Howell Spring

Following yesterday’s post today I am in for some summer inspiration from one of my favorites: Margaret Howell. I wish I could own every single piece of this collection, and every other but currently I am happy with my dungarees from MHL line. Outfit pictures soon!


A.P.C F/W 2014

Apc Fall Winter 2014 Apc Fall Winter 2014 Apc Fall Winter 2014

Of course when talking about PFW I was going to include one of my favorite brands: A.P.C. This collection I really like, well I would wear probably 95% of it even though this is not my favorite one from them. Knowing we don’t get to see all the pieces, we can’t really judge but in terms of the items that are shown and the models styling I definitely loved more Fall 2013 collection, that was pretty much heaven made into clothes.

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