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Last week I got asked by one of my lovely readers to do a post about makeup. Honestly I am no expert on makeup, in fact I have very little makeup, only the very essentials to look good in a natural way and nothing else. Each month I spend the less money possible in makeup (as opposed to clothes) and in this territory I am the most faithful customer to the stores/brands that carry the products I wear.

I will start by saying I have terrible oily skin, so please note that this products may not be suitable for someone with let’s say…dry skin. Besides that there is the fact that I have pale skin, which is a total disadvantage when you live in Spain as brands do not sell a good range of colors for fair skin tones. I try to do my best with what is available here, but what I usually do, is purchase makeup in my trips, specially when I go to the US.

With all that said, these are my makeup essentials (from left to right):

Chanel nail polish in Innatendu: now this is the only category in makeup where I go crazy and buy a lot. I chose this color as a representation of my huge collection of Chanel nail polishes, as it’s one of my favorites. To me Chanel has the prettiest colors and the best quality in nail polishes. SHOP HERE

Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Rouge Noir: my favorite color ever in lipstick. I apply it lightly with a brush when I want a less intense color, it just depends on my mood. SHOP HERE

Chanel Ligne Graphique eyeliner in Noir-Noir: I love how thin and easy this one applies. SHOP HERE

Chanel Le Volume mascara in Noir: gives you volume and lenght. I used to wear Helena Rubinstein’s Lash Queen which is a really good mascara too. SHOP HERE

Chanel Les Beiges : color depends on the season and what I can find. 10 – 20 would be ideal but they don’t sell them here in Spain so sometimes I have to go for a 30. This product is AMAZING! I apply this after foundation, it is not a bronzer by no means, it hardly adds color but it leaves you looking great. SHOP HERE

MAC Paint Pot cream eyeshadow in Constructivist: best eye shadow I have ever tried. I only have this one color and it works for me. I like natural earth tones and this shade of brown naturally adds color without looking loud and out there. SHOP HERE

Carmex lip balm: this is not really makeup, this I always have on my bag no matter where I go as I need to hydrate my lips constantly. SHOP HERE

Estee Lauder Double Wear: again this depends on the season and where I am. Ecru is a good color for me, but not available here. This foundation is more on the heavy side, for me it works perfectly but I would not advise this on someone with dry skin. SHOP HERE

– Makeup Bag is Burberry.

I have yet to find a blush and concealer that I stick with so I did not include them. I am open to hear your recommendations!

Spring 2014: Outfit 30

The Kooples white top fashion blogger TriniBaby Collar Top Fashion Blogger TriniCOS Midi Skirt Fashion Blogger TriniBag Chanel Fashion Blogger TriniJimmy Choo Heels Fashion Blogger Trini

Today i’m in a grannish mood! I know my late grandmother would be in love with this outfit in fact this is pretty much what she always wore: white shirts, navy skirts and black mid heels with a black bag. She was one of the most refined/stylish women I have ever met and unconsciously she became a great influence to me, specially fashion-wise.

I don’t think we become aware at times how our surroundings specially our family and the way we are brought up influences our taste and vision in fashion but as I have become older I have realized how those things play a big part, wanted or not. No matter how much I experimented with fashion as a teenager I always come back to resemble the women in my family and how they dressed: sober, classic and as natural as possible.

I’m wearing: Ray-Ban sunglasses, The Kooples top, COS skirt, Jimmy Choo kitten heels, and Chanel bag.

Spring 2014: Outfit 29

The Kooples Navy Trousers fashion blogger TriniApc Striped Top Fashion Blogger TriniApc Striped Top Fashion Blogger TriniThe Kooples Trousers Apc TopLouis Vuitton Bag Fashion Blogger Trini

Stripes again! This time paired with navy suit trousers, another good essential garment for in between seasons. I don’t wear my navy ones as much as the black ones, but still they are a core item in my wardrobe. This particular pair is lightweight so it’s not very appropriate for winter, therefore I have another pair more suited for cold months WORN HERE.

The trick with suit trousers is to find a good fit for your body otherwise it can be super uncomfortable and end up looking disastrous. Now a days, the variety you can find is amazing, they are made cropped, long, skinny, straight, flared, etc. That and the colors you can find can go from the classic black or navy to loud neons and wild prints (this last two cases horrify me, but it’s good to know there is a good selection for all tastes).

The pair i’m wearing today was gifted, so I did not choose them, but luckily for me they were a good fit for me. I am planning to purchase a grey pair for fall so in case you are looking for some interesting ones as I am, I will leave you my suggestions:

J Crew has great affordable trousers SHOP HERE

Stella McCartney has a great variety at a higher price range SHOP HERE

– Saint Laurent is all classic pieces SHOP HERE

I’m wearing: Ray-Ban classic wayfarer, A.P.C striped top, The Kooples trousers, Chanel flats and Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag.


Spring 2014: Outfit 28

Fashion Blogger Trini American Apparel SkirtFashion Blogger Trini Play Comme Des GarçonsFashion Blogger Trini Chanel Bag

It’s been a long time since I last wore my charcoal denim skirt, so I decided to take her out today! This skirt is one of my eldest garments of clothing that I still keep from my “poor student days”. After I graduated from college and started working I started building my wardrobe from scratch with good quality core pieces, but this skirt remained.

I’m surprised by its outstanding quality and versatility. Another characteristic of this skirt is its uniqueness due to the fact that it was altered by me. Originally it was knee length and unfortunately that length does not suit me, so I adapted it for my body. At the time when I saw it online I was completely aware of her potential so I purchased the skirt with the though of transforming it. Fortunately it worked out perfectly, but I try not to do that much as there are garments that due to its design wont be suitable for a transformation.

I’m wearing: Ray-Ban classic wayfarer sunglasses, Comme des Garçons Play t-shirt, American Apparel skirt, Chanel flats and bag.

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